The Domaine du Clos de la Bierle: Between Terroir, History and a Magical Wine from Cerdon


The Domaine du Clos de la Bierle, nestled in the blessed town of Poncin, is much more than a simple wine estate. It is the birthplace of the pioneer of modern medicine, the prodigious Marie François Xavier Bichat, born in Thoirette on September 14, 1771, in the vineyards of her grandparents. Poncin, with its blessed terroir, undoubtedly shaped the exceptional soul of this eminent man of science. We can easily imagine the young Bichat, already fascinated by nature, harvesting the grapes alongside the grape pickers. The year 1890 marked the recognition of the singular qualities of this sacred terroir, called the "Clos de la Bierle". The owners, eminent scholars and doctors, created a light, fruity drink from fermented grapes, a potion said to work wonders in calming anxiety and "darkness of the mind."


Then, in 1984, a providential event occurred, changing the course of history. It was at that moment that Thierry Troccon, an intrepid young winemaker, had the fierce desire to perpetuate the life of this sacred estate. While he undertook the titanic task of restoring this historic enclosure, a strange discovery changed his destiny. A clumsy maneuver and a collapsed wall revealed a small vault buried for centuries, housing precious letters and manuscripts, written by these illustrious doctors of the past. The treasure was found. Driven by this ancestral knowledge and unwavering dedication, Thierry Troccon breathed new life into the estate. It was the beginning of an extraordinary adventure, marked by a method combining ancestral know-how with the modernity of contemporary taste, transforming our Frizant de Cerdon into a masterful and